Out Patient Care

Member who needs medical service can go directly to accredited hospital or clinic of AsianCare.

He may avail:

✓ FREE consultation fee

✓ Laboratory and diagnostics exam base on doctor’s final diagnosis

✓ Referral to specialists (Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat)

✓ X-rays, Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis, Fecalysis and others

Emergency Care Benefits

Any life threatening condition where the member needs immediate relief or assistance e.g. risk of losing any body part.

AsianCare will provide the following:

✓ Doctor’s service and emergency room fee

✓ Medicine (oral, injectable or intravenous fluids)

✓ Blood transfusions

✓ Dressing, casts and sutures

✓ X-rays , laboratory and diagnostics exams

✓ Other emergency services and treatment deemed necessary by the attending physicians

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Hospital and Confinement Benefits

A member confined per recommendation of AsianCare Medical Director, Physician Coordinator or physician on duty of our accredited outpatient clinic may avail of the following hospital services:


✓ Room and board according to the type of plan

✓ Operating room and Recovery room

✓ Professional services of specialists

✓ Blood transfusions and Intravenous fluids

✓ X-ray, laboratory and diagnostic examinations

✓ Administered medicines

✓ Dressings, plaster casts, sutures and other items related to the management of the patient

✓ Other hospital services, when deemed necessary by designated attending physician

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